Dubai is popular for its towering skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls, and extravagant hotels. However, the city’s nightlife scene is something that tourists and locals must pay attention to. Over the years, Dubai’s clubbing scene has evolved from the 90s, offering more for party animals. While Dubai’s world-class bars and clubs are familiar among partygoers, it is crucial to understand the law before stepping into party mode. Dubai has a strict set of rules when it comes to partying. From bar timings to dress code and legal drinking age, it is essential to be aware of the partying rules in Dubai. Here are some essential things to remember before heading out to a party in Dubai.

First and foremost, it is essential to be aware of the drinking age in Dubai, which is 21 years. Unlike most countries, where the legal drinking age is 18, Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy towards underage drinking. Ensure you carry your ID proof to avoid any hassles at the door. Additionally, Dubai has strict laws against drunken driving. Tourists can drink at licensed venues nationwide but cannot drive with even a slight tint of alcohol in their system. Breaking the law can lead to hefty fines or even imprisonment. It is best to skip driving and book a cab instead. Some cafes in Dubai even provide free drop-off services after the party.

Secondly, modesty is key when dressing up for a party in Dubai. Pubs in Dubai follow strict dress codes for both men and women, depending on where you are partying. Women can return their jeans in the suitcase and opt for short skirts, micro-minis, and short dresses. However, some places have a policy of letting only the ‘best-dressed’ people in. It is best to call the bar or pub and confirm the dress code beforehand. For footwear, wearing stilettos, pencil heels, or something with heels is recommended, as that is a common code followed in most pubs. Beach parties are an exception to this, and it is perfectly fine to flaunt flip-flops. Conversely, men must avoid casuals and dress formally, head to toe.

Thirdly, happy hours and ladies’ night deals are your best bet if you’re looking for a way to party within budget. Happy hours are ideal for office crowds to unwind post-work, as they are ideal for large groups. Almost all pubs in the city, regardless of their class, offer happy hour discounts on specific days or even through the week at times. Nightclubs and bars in Dubai pamper women with Ladies’ night deals that offer 50% off on drinks, two-for-one or dinner deals, or even a free cocktail at times. Most bars schedule Ladies’ night on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, with fewer deals reserved for other days of the week.

Fourthly, it is vital to be aware of the opening hours of the bars and clubs in Dubai. Hotel bars are open from morning until midnight, while clubs open at 10 pm and let your party well into the morning until 3:00 am. It is important to note that most clubs are closed during Ramadan. Fifthly, dancing and loud music are prohibited in public venues, including beaches, parks, and residential areas. Dancing and loud music are permitted only in licensed venues. Lastly, until recently, Dubai pubs had free entry. However, with the nightlife evolving in recent years, a minimum cover charge is something you must expect in most nightclubs. The good news is that this charge might include a free drink.

In conclusion, Dubai’s clubbing scene has evolved significantly over the years, offering more.